Understand What Insurance Is, the Different Types, and the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have the Right Insurance

Taking part in activities daily provides numerous opportunities in life. But what you have to realize is that this opportunity also comes with risks. Then it is critical that someone, including you, have the appropriate insurance product. To begin, you must first understand what insurance is.

Many types of insurance are now presented by various companies to provide financial protection to their owners. When anything unfavorable occurs, insurance can assist in claiming a variety of assets, easing the financial weight that must be endured.

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What Is Insurance

One of the most relevant definitions of insurance is the one presented on the official OJK website, on sikapiuangmu.ojk.go.id. It is stated that insurance is an agreement between the insurance company or insurer, and the policyholder or insured where the insured pays a premium amount to get coverage for the risk of damage, legal liability to third parties that may be suffered by the insured, receives payments based on the death or life of the insured with benefits that have been determined and / or based on the results of fund management.

So simply when you have an insurance product, what you experience and are included in the insurance coverage can be claimed with a certain amount of money value or other forms of coverage.

Type of Insurance

Before buying or using insurance products, of course, it's a good idea to know in advance what kinds of insurance products exist and can be an option. Later, after knowing these types of insurance, you can determine which insurance product is approximately the most appropriate to use.

Health Insurance

The second type is health insurance. This insurance product can help you deal with the health problems of the insured. What this insurance will provide is to cover the cost of the health condition treatment process that has been written down in the policy you use.
This insurance itself is widely given to employees who work for large companies as one of their benefits. But if you want to have your own health insurance, this will also be better because claims can be obtained when what is feared happens.

General Insurance

In addition to some of the insurance mentioned earlier, there are also some general insurance provided. This insurance will cover many other areas besides those mentioned in the types of insurance above. The types include the following:

  • Travel Insurance: is a type of insurance that provides protection during your trip, either inside or outside the country. So, while traveling, you can feel calmer when you have to deal with uncertain situations or other risks listed in the insurance policy you have.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance: Vehicle Insurance: is a type of insurance that you can rely on for the risk of strikes, traffic jams, abrasions, losing keys, theft, and other unwanted events on the road that happen to your favorite vehicle.
  • Fire Insurance: in general, you can understand this insurance as one that provides protection for damage to buildings or other property caused by fire, lightning strikes, explosions, being hit by airplanes, or smoke damage.
  • Home Insurance: home insurance itself is a type of insurance that provides protection for the emergence of losses due to fire, not theft, and existing damage due to natural disasters.
  • Property Insurance: is a type of insurance that covers unnamed perils and provides protection and guarantees for all risks that occur in the property or interests insured, except for risks that exist in the exclusion section.
  • Health Insurance: is a type of insurance that can provide guarantees to the insured to reimburse every medical expense, which includes the cost of hospital treatment, surgery, and medicines.

And so on.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Insurance

Maybe not a few people still think there is a strong reason to have the right insurance product. Isn't everything possible by saving and preparing various emergency funds for sudden and unexpected expenses?

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with having such thoughts. But you also must be aware that the risks that exist in this life come without warning and do not care about the preparation you have.

Then there are some reasons to have the right insurance, as you can see below.

1. Managing Finances and Risk

Financial planning is certainly an important thing for today's society because what is planned always needs preparation. By having an insurance product, you will have the obligation to pay a certain amount of premium as a routine expense.

You will better understand how to manage finances and the risks you face every day. This can clearly help with financial maturity, so that the financial affairs you have can be better planned, as well as by preparing to face existing risks.

2. Providing Protection to the Closest People

Insurance that is owned can also be a tangible form of protection for the people you love. In this way, the risks faced can be addressed wisely, and the closest people will also be financially protected.

Not to protect completely from all the effects received when something undesirable happens, but at least reduce the burden that exists and must be faced.

3. Helping to Realize Future Dreams

Not in the form of funds that can be used in the future, but rather protection of the savings and investments you already have. Imagine when you have prepared a lot of funds for big plans, such as a wedding, and then bad things happen, and these funds have to be used. Wouldn't your dream be messed up?

Therefore, protection from insurance can also provide protection for future plans that you already have, so that they can be carried out according to what you want.

4. Reducing the Burden of the Mind

Always imagined and haunted by work, travel, or other financial risks?

Then you already have a strong reason to start having the right insurance product according to the risks faced. Insurance, as explained broadly above, can provide financial protection against many of the risks faced.

The burden on the mind can be reduced, and you can focus more on having a good day!

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Understanding what insurance is is fundamental for today's society, which wants to face a future without risk. Therefore, it is important to have the right type of insurance, so you can focus on living your days with a calm heart.

SmartCare Executive Health Insurance from MAGI can be one of the products that is suitable for you to use to provide protection for yourself and your loved ones. This insurance can provide long-term benefits and health financial protection. It will be ready to help face financial risks in the event of unwanted health conditions. Understand further and consult on the selection of the right insurance product with a financial advisor, and let's welcome the future with excitement!


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