These Are the 5 Reasons Your Car Won't Start After a Long Holiday

Feeling happy after your year-end travelling with familiy or friends? Many people choose to travel with planes or other public transportation such as trains. This makes you car parked in the garage of the house for a long period of time. Did you know, when the car is rarely used, it can cause the battery to be damaged? So that makes the car wont start.

We all want to start the year of 2023 well, especially when we go to do activities by car without any problems. But who would have thought that there are many things that can cause the car won’t start? Instead of being confused while guessing the cost of car service, let's find out and get to know more about the causes of the car won’t start and how to prevent it with Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI)!

Causes of The Car Won’t Start

The cause of the car not being able to start is usually due to the condition of the battery problem, which is usually caused by the battery not getting enough electricity supply because it is rarely used. As a result, the battery's performance capacity is less than optimal.

The problem of the car starter itself is quite diverse; there are cars won’t start, but the lights are on, the battery is good, and there are even cars that do not sound when started. Here are the reasons why the car won’t start, which MAGI has summarized:

1. Damaged Battery

A battery is an engine that delivers electrical power to a vehicle. If the battery has a problem, that will be the main cause of the car's dysfunction. Sometimes, the car can suddenly break down and won’t start; there is no sound, and the interior lights are not on.

2. Problems with Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are parts that function for engine ignition, namely to burn gasoline and air through piston movements so that the car can start. If the spark plug is dirty or damaged, it will inhibit the sparks needed for the car starter to work.

3. Overheating Coil

If there is no problem with the battery or spark plugs, there could be a disturbance in the coil. The coil serves to convert the battery voltage into electrical power. If the coil overheats, it can be the cause of the car not being able to start.

4. Damaged Ampere Dynamo

Furthermore, the car's inability to start could be due to a damaged alternator or ampere dynamo. The ampere dynamo serves to deliver electricity to the battery. If it is damaged, then the car cannot start even though the battery is in good condition.

5. Clogged Car Fuel

When the car's fuel system is clogged, the fuel distribution is not optimal. This can be caused by a fuel pump from the tank to a weakened carburetor.


How to Maintain and Solve the Problem of The Car Won't Start

Instead of being confused and dizzy about why the car won't start, MAGI will share some tips that you can do at home!

1. Fuel Pump Health Check

The fuel pump plays a role in regulating the flow of fuel in the car. When the car won't start due to the tank fuel pump to the carburetor weakening, you can stop the fuel pump until it works again. You can also see the multi-information detail (MID) on the dashboard to check the latest condition of the fuel pump.

2. Clean the Car Spark Plugs

If the cause of the car not starting when started is dirty spark plugs, then you should clean the car spark plugs using a cloth. However, if the condition of the spark plugs is corroded or rusty, then you need to immediately replace the new spark plugs in the workshop.

3. Check the Condition of the Battery

If the cause of the car not starting is on the battery, then check the car battery starting from the connection cable. If there is a loose connection cable, please tighten it again by removing the cable, cleaning the cable, and reattaching it tightly. Also check the two poles of the battery by removing the positive pole and cleaning the adhering dirt.


Although you can check and solve the problem of the car not starting at home, remember that you must also have a thorough engine check at the repair shop! We don't really know what the cause is, and there could be problems in car components that must be repaired immediately.

Therefore, MAGI provides Smart Drive protection so you don't worry about unexpected service costs anymore1. To keep your heart calm and safe, MAGI provides comprehensive car insurance protection ranging from breaking down protection, stolen vehicles, dented cars to protection from flooding or others with the expansion of existing benefits1.

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1Smart Drive insurance coverage based on provisions of the policy

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