Importance of Work-Life Balance to Maintain Your Mental Health

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our activities from school to work have been limited in scope by working at home. This makes it difficult for working people to divide their time between work and time for hobbies or rest. In fact, according to Microsoft's 2021 Work Trend Index (WTI) survey, it is known that 1 in 5 respondents said that the place where they work does not pay attention to the aspect of work-life balance during the pandemic.

However, did you know that a person's inability to divide their time in a balanced manner or what is commonly called work-life balance can cause other problems to interfere with body health! Then how important is it for us to implement work-life balance? Let's discuss more fully with MAGI! 

What is Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is a condition where a person can balance between work responsibilities and things outside of work. Qouted from, the main aspect in achieving work-life balance is time balance. A worker can manage his time and energy in a balanced manner, dividing equally between work, personal pleasures such as traveling, family life to time to socialize.

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Why is Work-Life Balance Important For Maintaining Mental Health?

The importance of this work-life balance is to achieve life balance. In addition to the 24 hours you have filled with work, you can explore other things to improve your quality of life. Quoting from Forbes, high working hours or frequent overtime can increase the risk of long-term stress. Stress is one of the most common health problems in the workplace. But, don't underestimate the problem of stress!

Stressful states can increase mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorders, emotional disorders to insomnia. Therefore, work-life balance is indeed closely related to the mental and physical health of workers.

Benefits of Work Life Balance

Some of the benefits that can be obtained when implementing work-life balance:

  • Avoid various mental and physical illnesses
  • Improve productivity and work performance
  • Have time for personal life
  • Have the opportunity to do what you like
  • Establish good relationships with the closest people
  • Feel happier

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How to Achieve Work Life Balance

Here's how to be able to apply work-life balance in your life according to MAGI:

1. Smart Time Management

First, you need to be able to manage your time well. Such as working with focus and on time so as not to interfere with other times. To make it easier and more disciplined at work, you can start by setting priorities, then slowly and consistently abandon the habit of delaying work. This habit can make you undisciplined with time and ineffective. You can determine job priorities using the Eisenhower Matrix which divides work on 4 priority scales.

  • Important-Urgent: Must be worked on and completed as soon as possible
  • Important-Not Urgent: Create a schedule and time target to complete it
  • Unimportant-Urgent: Delegate tasks to other coworkers
  • Unimportant-Not Urgent: Remove from the priority list and don't need to work on it

2. Pay Attention to Food & Exercise

In the midst of accumulated work, you still have to pay attention to consuming healthy eating and drinking because our body needs enough energy and nutritious. Not only that, so that you can work life balance, don't forget to keep exercising in maintaining body balance. Did you know, by exercising the brain will become more sensitive with the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine which can reduce depression! So guaranteed safe intake and body fitness, productivity at work is increasing.

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3. Relaxation

Therefore, if you have started to feel tired, it never hurts, really, to take a leave of absence and go on vacation. Because vacations and walks are very necessary for body and psychic health, creativity, and productivity at work. According to Work to Live, traveling and vacationing have proven effective in increasing worker productivity by up to 80%, you know! Not only that, in addition to having fun, going on vacation to see the world can increase morale, find new inspiration, add insight, get to know your identity to make new friends.

Has the Work Life Balance Indicator been achieved?

You can achieve a state of work-life balance if you can already feel the following:

  • Feel enjoyed when working
  • Have time for yourself, family to the closest people
  • Carry out a healthy lifestyle such as adequate sleep, quality eating and regular exercise
  • Have other activities and can even do hobbies without having to worry

Realize Work Life Balance with MAGI

The most important thing about work-life balance is how you have time for yourself. That way, you can do what you like to find new inspiration. One way is to travel. Going on vacation gives you time to chat with your closest people or even alone. There are so many benefits of traveling that can be obtained for health and quality of life in the future.

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