Make Your Holiday the Best Self Reward Moment

After getting tired of spending a lot of time working hard, it's time for you to enjoy the moment of self-reward. What kind of self reward is it? In fact, the concept of self-reward is the same as reward. You give credit to yourself who is already struggling to do routines such as working hard.

Quoted from, Clinical Psychology, Inez Kristanti explained that self-reward is one of the ways a person actualizes the concept of self-love which is nonmaterial to material. However, we must always be wise in choosing the type of self-reward. For example, you can enjoy alone time or me time by taking a vacation. In addition to self-reward, traveling can also help develop yourself and provide many new, broader perspectives.

You can reflect on yourself and get to know you better. If you have more budget, it is very possible to travel abroad. However, enjoying a domestic trip is no less exciting, you know.

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Before deciding to travel domestically or abroad for a vacation, make sure you have managed your finances as wisely as possible. Don't let it go home on vacation You're even getting a headache just thinking about what will happen tomorrow.

When enjoying a holiday moment, of course you also need self-protection to stay safe and comfortable later. Don't forget to take care your health and get travel insurance to comprehensive protect yourself.

Travel insurance is here to provide protection when you travel domestically or abroad. Unfortunately, some people may still be unfamiliar with this type of insurance. In fact, some countries have even required travelers to have foreign travel insurance.

Enjoy Your Holiday Calmly with MAGI Travel Insurance

Having foreign travel insurance both domestic and international travel is very beneficial as self-protection from various losses beyond your control. As with emergency health protection, inconveniences during the trip such as baggage delays to unexpected personal accidents.

To make your holiday moments comfortable, trust security and comprehensive protection to PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI).  MAGI offer two types of insurance, namely Domestic Travel Insurance and International Travel Insurance.

Have protection for your self-reward moments with affordable premiums, various benefits and easy to make a claim online at AXA Mandiri MyPage and take advantage of the special 11th MAGI anniversary promo with the promo code "MAGI11tahun" for discounts of up to 21% starting from 1 – 31 October 2022 only at AXA Mandiri MyPage.

Celebrate your self-reward with MAGI!