Self Reward, Is It Important?

When we talk about self reward, it can sound like a consumerist behavior. It is essential to give yourself a compliment. When you achieve success, it means you worked hard to overcome various obstacles along the way.

According to a research journal entitled Motivating Effect of Contingent Self-Reward, it is explained that self reward activities can be a good motivation for oneself. A person who values himself will be more motivated to live life with a goal in mind.

So, what are the advantages of self-reward?

  1. Maintain mental health, relieve stress, fatigue and so on.
  2. Teaches you to appreciate and love yourself first.
  3. Motivate to do better.

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Self reward is not always related to financial matter. Taking time for yourself, such as, by relaxing at home while watching your favorite movies, reading books, playing games, cooking healthy food, and so on. However, some people prepare an expenses budget to buy goods or go on vacation as a type of self reward. How do they manage their money?

You can divide it into sections for emergency funds, insurance, and savings. An emergency fund is set up to deal with unexpected emergencies. Insurance is also essential for maintaining your financial stability.

MAGI Health Insurance Provides Financial Stability

Emergency funds and insurance, especially health insurance, remain a priority in the long-term financial plan. Therefore, your family will have optimal protection.

Speaking of insurance, PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI) offers individual health insurance product. This individual health insurance is suitable for those of you who want to protect yourself, spouse and children from various unexpected health conditions.

There are numerous possibilities when going on vacation, such as accidents or other health problems. Remember! Health is expensive. So, prepare as early as possible for individual health insurance as optimal protection from various health problems that you may experience in the future.

With MAGI individual health insurance, you will receive a virtual health card as well as access to all hospitals and clinics network in Indonesia. In fact, you can take advantage of this individual health insurance to be used abroad with a reimbursement system. MAGI health insurance offers a wide range of benefits at affordable premiums and can meet the needs of you and your family. Emma also makes it simple to file claims online.

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MAGI can help you manage your finances safely.