3 Fun Activities For Automotive Enthusiast As A Type of Self Reward

Self reward is a kind of self-love where you give gifts or just pamper yourself to appreciate the results of your hard work. Self reward can be accomplished in a variety of ways, for example by going on vacation, buying goods or just doing certain hobbies.

Like automotive enthusiast who are certainly happy when doing activities related to their hobbies. Unfortunately, self reward is often associated with consumptive activities. In fact, if you have optimally managed the cash flow, then you have the right to enjoy the results of the hard work.

In fact, some of the following self reward activities for automotive enthusiast require only a small investment.

1. Visit automotive events

There are so many free automotive events from various vehicle manufacturers that can be visited. Even visitors can do exciting activities such as test rides, take part in modification competitions, hunting for free service and get many attractive vouchers.

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2. Touring

Of course, it will be very exciting if you take the time to tour using your favorite vehicle. You can choose a location that offers unique tracks but is also not too heavy. In addition to healing, touring can also increase your driving skills. Don't forget to protect your beloved vehicle from various unexpected incident such as car accidents. As an automotive enthusiast, it is mandatory to have vehicle insurance as a way of comprehensive protection. Don't worry, there are already many all-risk  car insurance products with affordable price.

3. Driving Courses

There is nothing wrong with taking a driving course to get a new skill. For an unforgettable experience, you can do a course using an off road car with the sensation of sand, mud, ditch rivers, hills to slopes. If you are a supercar automotive enthusiast, you must try the super car driving experience every once in a while to stimulate adrenaline.

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