What Is The Ideal Car Tire Pressure?

Holidays are here! Approaching year-end holidays, driving long distances by car is one of the interesting choices with family or friends. Especially with the weather that often rains, let's make sure your car tires are in good condition! Don't forget to check the car's tire pressure too!

How to Know the Ideal Car Tire Pressure

There are several factors that affect the need for car tire pressure, such as the type of car, the weight of the car, and the type of tire used by the manufacturer. If the load that the car transports is getting heavier, then the air pressure on the tires should also be added.


Information about tire pressure or Tire-Loading Information can be seen on the frame of the pillar of the right front door of the car (the driver's door). There, the owner can already find a box label with information on typical tire sizes and front and rear tire pressure recommendations.

Example of Tire Loading Information on a Car

Why Should You Check Car Tire Pressure?

The size of the car's tire pressure that is not ideal certainly affects the comfort and performance of the car when driving to cause accidents. Car tire pressure that is too low can trigger leaks when crossing rocky roads. If it is too high, it will potentially cause aquaplaning, or the formation of a layer of water between the car tires and the road surface, when crossing watery roads.


Danger of Low or High Car Tire Pressure

The other risks of car tire pressure are not ideal, such as:

  • Reduced vehicle balance
  • Causing car tires to explode at any time
  • Car tires slip easily
  • Car brakes do not work optimally
  • Loss of control when traveling at high speeds
  • Tires erode unevenly
  • The tire construction will be damaged quickly
  • Tougher car suspension

To avoid these risks, you must understand your vehicle's tire pressure requirements. Don't forget to complete your driving safety protection with all-risk car insurance that has various benefits and makes the heart comfortable when driving.

List of Car Tire Pressure Standards

For your comfortable and safety driving, here are the standard car tire pressures that must be known!

  • MPV car: 33 – 36 psi
  • SUV car: 35 – 40 psi
  • City Car: 30 – 36 psi
  • Sedan car: 30 – 33 psi

Not only pay more attention to the pressure of the car tires so that your car remains comfortable and safe to use during the holidays at the end of this year. But, providing comprehensive protection for vehicles is also mandatory, you know! Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI) offers complete and comprehensive Vehicle Insurance for those of you who need complete protection that can be adjusted to your needs!

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