Pros and Cons of Traveling with a Campervan, Interesting Agenda!

Have you ever thought about a vacation using a campervan? Actually, this holiday model has begun to appear in several big cities, such as the Special Region of Yogyakarta. But before talking about the vacation agenda using this car, it's a good idea to first understand very well about what a campervan is.

In simple terms, the campervan  itself is a type of vehicle whose structure is modified in such a way that it can provide temporary shelter for its users during the trip. This car unit will be equipped with facilities such as a bed, kitchenette, and compact toilet that remains functional.

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Fundamentally This is the Function of a Campervan Car

If you look at the explanation of its own definition, it will be quite clear what the main function of this car is. The function of  the campervan is to provide temporary shelter for its users during the trip.

You can use this existing facility to save lodging costs that must be incurred if traveling without  a campervan. The adventure time you have will obviously increase, and exciting moments with the group will be easily obtained.

You will also feel a lot of convenience when traveling with this mode of transportation and accommodation. To rest, you only need to find a place that is quite spacious and safe without having to rely on hotels or inns.

Types of Campervans You Can Use

As a little additional information, you can see some types of campervan cars  below.

  • Pop-top campervan, is a campervan model  with a liftable roof section. This model provides additional space and height in the car when parked
  • Full-sized campervan, this second type has a larger size and is equipped with more accommodation. This type is suitable for traveling with family
  • Camper trailer, the third type is  a trailer model  that can be towed by a car. So directly there are two cabins that can be used, so that the available space is wider
  • Converted van, is a van that has been modified and converted into a campervan model. Additional facilities are beds, kitchens, toilets, and so on. Not only can it be used for holiday trips, this car can also be used for daily operations

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If You Like Traveling, Here Are the Advantages and Disadvantages

If reading this article makes you start thinking about trying traveling  with a campervan, then it's a good idea to also know what benefits are offered when adventuring with this mode. Along with that, there are also several challenge points that must be realized correctly as a consequence of the benefits obtained.

1. Advantages of Campervan Cars

  • Provides flexibility to visit various destinations. Because it is not limited by rail or airports, adventuring with a campervan allows you to explore areas freely. You only need a piece of land to park your van, and set up for the holidays
  • Easy to park. When you go on a campervan adventure you are not dependent on lodging or on camping areas. This 'residence' can be parked anywhere as long as it does not violate applicable laws, and is considered safe enough to rest
  • Packing matters  become more convenient. Instead of having to repeatedly open things and put them in again, you practically have a giant storage area that moves for all your needs
  • It is more economical in certain contexts. Apart from the cost of renting or making it, traveling using a campervan is also considered more economical. The cost of staying can be saved quite a lot, and you can also cook food and drinks yourself
  • Offers a different adventure experience. You can easily visit beautiful points that may only be reached by hikers . Of course, the scenery offered is much more beautiful than visiting ordinary tourist areas

2. Challenges You Must Face

Apart from all the benefits offered when traveling using  a campervan, you also have to be aware that this does not always provide convenience. There are several challenges that you have to face over all the advantages above.

  • The bathing business will be a little tricky. Because basically you don't have an unlimited source of water, then you must be wise to use water, including for bathing and toilet purposes
  • Large size campervan . With all the space offered, the size of the campervan can be quite large. On narrow roads, driving and adventuring will be a challenge
  • Obviously limited privacy. Well with the space available, the privacy of each member of the group can be very limited. Not to mention if you travel with  another campervan group
  • The security side of belongings and campervan cars. Obviously no one wants to experience anything bad when going on adventures and vacations. But it must also be realized that not entirely the campervan you  bring offers protection like when you stay in a hotel room. Always be aware of the risk of theft and break-ins and increase protection with double lock

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Having a campervan might be a useful investment in the future, when you want to get quality time with all family members. The best protection must be given to everyone who participates in the holiday, but you also should not forget the protection for the car you love.

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