Want to buy a family car? Consider These 9 Things!

For a happy little family, the existence of a car will certainly help in many ways. You clearly understand this very well, so it's no wonder that choosing the right family car is also an important thing to do.

But, among all the existing car options, what should be considered when you want to have a family car that is suitable and comfortable to use?

Well, to help you determine the right car option for your happy little family, we have tried to map out some of the recommended features to have in a vehicle.

So, without going too far, let's look at one by one the features that you should consider in the car of your choice later below!

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1. Ensure a Responsive Engine

This first point does not only apply to choosing a family car but to every type of car that you might buy in the future. Engine responsiveness will be basic and should be ensured on every vehicle.

Traveling with family will be synonymous with a lot of luggage. Therefore, a responsive engine is an absolute must so that the trip still feels comfortable without having to bear the risk of fussy vehicles on the road.

2. Fuel Consumption

The second point is, as much as possible, to choose a car that has efficient fuel consumption. Ideally, a car with a model like this will indeed be 'paid' with a slightly lower level of comfort. But if you prioritize function, then it feels like this is not a problem.

After all, comfort can be circumvented easily using various additions to the car seat or other additional features provided afterwards. Believe me, a family car with efficient fuel consumption will be a very useful thing, especially when used regularly and for long-distance trips.

3. About Security Features

It is in third place, but that does not mean security features are not a priority. The safety features themselves can be seen on the body and frame of the car, as well as the safety features in the cabin of the car you will choose. Features such as the presence of airbags, seat belts, braking systems, frame structures, and car bodies that can absorb impacts must be things you pay attention to for the protection of your loved one's family.

If necessary, make sure the car to be selected has Isofix, or International Standards Organization FIX. This feature is needed when you have a baby because it is useful for hooking a baby seat to a car seat.

4. Comfort in the Cabin

Because it will be used regularly, it is important that every passenger who participates in the trip feels comfortable in the cabin. At the very least, make sure basic family car features are available on the inside of the car.

Some of the features that should be there are quiet cabin space, entertainment, a small television, cool air conditioning, comfortable suspension, spacious cabin capacity, leather seats and foam used, and the layout of the cabin itself.

5. New Features for Family Cars

The fifth point is about the latest features that complement a car. The more features available, the higher the price of the car. But the convenience offered will also increase.

So, you can weigh what features you need to support the trip you take. For example, with the existence of a smartphone connection, there is complete control on the steering wheel that is comfortable, entertainment features, engine start with a remote, auto lock walk-away, and other features.

All of this can be adjusted to your budget and needs.

6. What Does the Right Design Look Like?

Being one of the subjective points that will have different answers, the design and shape of the car will depend on your preferences as the owner.

Lately, the development of designs feels increasingly futuristic and diverse. So it's not difficult to get a car design that fits your wishes.

7. Flexibility of Use

The flexibility of a family car here can take many forms. A small compartment at the inner door, spacious storage space, whether the seats in the third row can be folded, or maybe even additional features at the back of the car that can help organize luggage.

Ideally, the family car will have three rows of usable seats. But if you prefer a car with a compact shape, the city car option can be quite attractive for small families.

8. Transmission Preferences

There are not a few people who prefer automatic transmissions because they feel more practical. But with the consideration of a more economical price, the manual transmission will have greater appeal.

Just like the design, the choice of this transmission will also depend on you or your partner, who brings the car regularly. Because the transmission will affect driving comfort, you can first discuss with your partner which model is better.

9. Don't Forget About Insurance

As an additional feature that you really shouldn't forget, insurance on family cars is important.

This car insurance can help you clean up various car-related problems, ranging from minor damage, towing, and new replacements, as long as it is in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.

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Pada akhirnya, pilihan mobil keluarga yang kamu ambil jelas akan bergantung dengan kebutuhan dan keperluan yang kamu punya. Pertimbangan yang baik akan disusun dari data-data yang kredibel dan solid, jadi jangan ragu untuk berkunjung ke gerai atau showroom untuk mencari informasi terbaru.

In addition to intensive information searching, you should also prepare vehicle insurance for the family car that you will have later. AXA Insurance Indonesia then offers Asuransi SmartDrive to help you protect the car you have. The benefits vary; towing services, new for old, vehicle key replacement, third-party legal liability replacement, strikes, and so on, can be covered**. So while driving, you don't have to worry if there is a problem. Immediately, you can look at the terms and conditions on the product page by clicking the link above.

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** Refer to SmartDrive Insurance policy provisions


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