These 10 Components Must Be Considered When Periodic Car Service, Pay Attention to the List!

The maintenance of the vehicle that you have should ideally be a routine agenda that is carried out. Although sometimes ruled out because of many other agendas, car service must still be included in the schedule you have so that the ride is always in prime condition for activities.

Try asking yourself this, when was the last time you went to service the car and do maintenance? If the answer was more than six months ago, then you really need to read this article to the end to know what to do.

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What to do when Servicing a Car?

If this question comes to mind, the answer is: quite a lot. Given that the car itself consists of various engine components and features in the cabin, all need to be ensured to always remain in perfect condition. It’s simple, the car you drive every day will take you from one point to another, and deal with the risks that exist on the road. Therefore, to reduce the risk of something undesirable, keeping the car in good condition and always doing car service regularly is the easiest way that can be done.

Some components that need to be checked when doing car service are ideally as follows.

1. Change Oil and Filter

For the engine to operate properly, regular oil changes must be done. That way engine friction that occurs continuously can be minimized impact, and the car avoids severe damage. Oil change also serves to clean the dirt in the engine, or deposits that appear.

The filter must also be replaced regularly when you service the car because this part serves to filter dirt. Without filter changes, the oil will be full of accumulated dirt.

The oil change period will be adjusted to the condition of the car and the calculations recommended by the workshop.

2. Who

The next component that must be checked when servicing the car periodically is the battery. The battery itself has a role in the car's electrical system. Without a functioning battery, the car will not be able to start, the lights will not turn on, and all systems related to electricity will not function properly.

You can do battery maintenance by adding water to a wet battery or replacing it when it reaches the end of its useful life.

The battery itself is ideally 2 to 5 years old for dry battery models, but use will have a big effect on its age.

3. Air Filter and Air Conditioner

The third part to check is the air filter and air conditioner. The air filter serves to filter the air entering the combustion chamber, so that oxygen is obtained in the optimal amount. To obtain this level of oxygen, the channeled air must be clean of impurities.

The filter on the air conditioner is also a part that is also checked in the car service, so that dust, germs, bacteria, and small particles do not enter the evaporator. AC can work optimally and provide cold and clean air, so the trip you do is always comfortable.

4. Brake Parts, Pads and Oil

The brake part has a big role to slow down the speed of the vehicle so that it can stop on time. Directly this part will be needed to maintain driving safety. Then it must always be kept in good condition.

Two things that need to be considered in routine car service maintenance are brake linings and brake fluid. The lining will thin with use, as will the amount of brake fluid. Therefore, make sure to check these two parts when you go to the workshop.

5. Clutch Pad

Fifth is the clutch lining. Its main function is to disconnect and connect the power generated by the engine to the transmission system. The replacement itself is on average in the use figure of 30,000km to 40,000 km.

You can feel that when the acceleration of the car is getting slower, the clutch lining on the car has begun to wear out. Second, pay attention when you shift gears or transmissions, if it is heavy, the sign is that the clutch lining must be replaced.

6. Tire Parts

When service car, you also must check the tire. The precision of tires will be consumed by road conditions, especially when you routinely pass roads with poor quality.

A common process is called alignment and balancing. The first process is carried out to realign the position of the four wheels of the car according to factory settings, while balancing is carried out to rebalance. 

Pay attention to the year of tire production, and don't hesitate to consult with reliable workshop personnel you trust.

7.  Front and Rear Lights

The existence and function of lights is very clear on each vehicle, as a marker that the vehicle is in a lit condition and as lighting. Do not hesitate to check the condition of electricity and cables, as well as the condition of the lights used. Make sure everything is in a ready-to-use condition, so you don't have problems when driving at night.

8. The Legs

Now going into the parts that are quite rarely known by ordinary car owners, the components of the legs of this car consist of many parts. Starting from ball joints, tie rods, stabilizers, bushings, all must be checked regularly and replaced approximately every 100,000km, or if the ideal use time is measured is 5 years old. For repairing the legs, themselves, the cost varies according to the condition and quality of the parts you want to use.

9. Spark plugs

Although the size is small, the spark plugs have a big role in the car you have.  Spark plugs will function to ignite the car engine so that ignition can occur. Spark plugs that are already dirty or no longer in the best condition can make the car difficult to start and increase fuel consumption. When it has passed 20,000km, check the condition of the spark plugs and make sure they are in condition.

10. And

well, the existence of air conditioning will greatly support comfort while you drive, therefore the condition must still be controlled regularly. At least, you can control the AC component once every 10,000 km to 20,000 km.   But in road conditions with extraordinary pollution, checks should be carried out once every 5,000 km.

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Does it cost a fortune?

Some components that need to be replaced or repaired will automatically make car maintenance and service costs increase. Ideally, if you regularly do service, the cost will not be too large, because the spare parts in the car do not get damaged at the right time. simultaneously.

But if on average, maybe the cost of service and maintenance of the car itself starts from Rp. 300,000 to millions, depending on the components that are repaired, components that must be replaced, and maintenance that the repair shop gives to the car you ride.

If you buy a new car, there will be free service facilities that can be used. Remember the conditions listed in the service book and be on time given there.

What must be remembered is to create a regular 'control' schedule on the car you drive. Simple, but this can help you reduce large expenses that may occur when there is damage and propagation to various other components in the car because they are not Dealt with immediately.

It's the Right Time to Service a Car

Broadly speaking, there are two main references used to see the right time for car service. First, based on mileage, and second based on usage time.

Based on Mileage

When buying a new car, the mileage that becomes a reference for service is 1,000 km, 5,000 km, 10,000 km, 20,000km and 30,000 km.  This routine check is carried out according to the guidelines in the car owner's manual.

When it reaches 40,000 km, then a large service will be done by checking almost all components in the car. Then the next major service is carried out at 80,000 km, and so on.

Based on Time of Use

If you are a short-distance car user, then the routine service reference will be the time to use. For example, when you have used a car for six months, but the distance traveled is only 3,000 km, then the service must still be done.You can consult with your trusted workshop staff to get the most appropriate recommendations about the right time to maintain the car regularly.
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