How to Install a GPS and Its Functions to Prevent Car Theft

Desc: Improve your car's security system by installing GPS. In addition to avoiding theft or car fraud, there are many other benefits to installing a car GPS!

Installing a car GPS is easy, but the benefits are numerous, one of which is preventing and tracking from vehicle theft.

Vehicle theft is still prevalent in Indonesia, from traditional modes to the development of new ones. Starting in 2023, we must be more vigilant in protecting private vehicles to avoid the risk of car theft! One of them is to install GPS in the car. Let's take a look and learn more about car GPS before installing it on your car!

What Is Car GPS?

A car's GPS (Global Positioning System) is a protection tool that gives you accurate information about the latest vehicle location. The location point of the car will be connected to the server, and you can monitor it through an application on your cellphone or website. That way, you can avoid crime and easily track the location of the car.

Car GPS Function

In addition to avoiding theft, the installation of a car GPS has many other benefits. Here are the important functions of GPS for your vehicle:

1. Providing Travel Information

You can see the travel history of the car. If you have a personal driver, this is very important. Because you can review the car trip when it is used! Smart Drive protection provides protection if your car is stolen by a private driver1. However, when installing a car GPS, you must be careful and choose the location of the installation so that it is not easy to know. It is feared that the car's GPS may be disabled.

2. Tracking and Eavesdropping Tools

Car-mounted GPS can be used as an eavesdropping device. The owner can track the location of the car, listen to the sound, and view video conversations in the car. This will help you anticipate theft if your car is taken away by a theft gang. You can track the whereabouts of the car until you hear the conversation to be able to find it again.

3. Prevent Car Abuse

Through the trip report, you can monitor the time and location of your car starting or turning off. That way, you can monitor whether the car is used outside of work hours or assignments. If there is suspicion, you can turn the car around and observe it.


Tips for Choosing a Car GPS

If you look at the market, there are many manufacturers that sell GPS tracking at low prices. However, don't be tempted just like that! You should pay attention to some of the following tips:

1. Choose a Full-Featured GPS

Do not choose a car GPS that can only monitor and track vehicles. Choose a car GPS tracker that is also equipped with a voice eavesdropper, travel route recorder, car speed recorder, speed limit sensor, car engine sensor, emergency button, and remote engine shutdown button.

2. Have an Excellent Service Operator

It is important to choose a GPS provider that is easy to contact. So you can get technician assistance from a GPS provider company when you experience damage, especially if you are out of town. Make sure the GPS provider company has its own server in Indonesia.

3. Must Have Real Time Tracking Feature

The accurate real-time tracking feature is a must-have when installing a car GPS. So, you can monitor the location of the car at that time.

Car GPS Cost

You can buy a car GPS with a price range of IDR 500 thousand to IDR 3 million. Car GPS units are widely available through online stores.

Car GPS Installation Cost

The price of the car GPS that PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance ("MAGI") mentioned above does not include the installation fee. Generally, the installation cost is around Rp. 200 thousand.

How to Install a Car GPS

The installation of a car GPS should pay attention to the electric current system in the vehicle. So, make sure only experts do GPS installation. Because the wrong installation of the car GPS can cause damage to the car's electrical system.

However, at least you know the installation steps.

  • Check the completeness of the components (plus cable, minus cable, bolt, fuse) and understand the GPS installation instructions
  • Plug in the cable, and make sure the cable relates to a fus
  • Ideally, the cable should be connected to a power source (battery).
  • Then turn on the GPS and install the system


How to Enable Car GPS

To enable GPS on a device such as a cellphone, you just need to do the following:

  • Make sure you have a SIM card with an active internet plan
  • Input the SIM card into the GPS of the car that is turned off
  • Turn on the GPS to check the signal
  • Register GPS on your cellphone
  • Install a special GPS application for monitoring

Don't Forget Vehicle Insurance for Your Car

In addition to installing a car GPS to prevent car theft, MAGI can help you provide vehicle protection with Smart Drive Insurance if you experience losses to the car caused by theft1. Not only that, Smart Drive Insurance also has a variety of other benefits for the protection of your vehicle or car as a whole!

1The guarantee for theft benefits will refer to the provisions that apply to the Smart Drive Insurance product policy
*The applicable offer is a discount that is valid only for direct purchases at AXA Mandiri MyPage until February 28, 2023

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