Get acquainted with Minimalist Home Design, Here are 5 Important Points!

In the world of architecture, there are so many home designs that can be used as a reference. Starting from traditional themes or regional buildings to modern minimalist home designs. One thing is certain, you must fully understand the basic concepts to get value from the house you want to have.

This time, more details will be discussed about minimalist home design. This house design has recently become popular among urban people, even penetrating rural areas. Its simple shape but still looks neat and cool is the main attraction, besides of course the use value that exists in every part of this house.

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Let's first understand the meaning of the concept

In simple terms, the minimalist concept itself, or also known as the modern concept, is a house that prioritizes the function of the building as a residence, and to meet basic needs of its inhabitants.

Ornaments that are decorative in nature began to be reduced or eliminated, and more accentuated on basic functional things such as the existence of space, space utilization and curves in the house, arrangement natural light, ventilation that flows naturally, and the presence of open spaces that can be used for many purposes.

Of course, to understand minimalist home design you can directly ask with your trusted architect. But at least by reading this  short article, you can get the key points of a house in this style.

5 Main Characteristics of Minimalist Home Design

If speaking form will probably be quite difficult to express in words. But there are several important points that make a  house building have a modern or minimalist concept. The five important points are as follows.

1. Simple in Form, Functional

The main thing  that  you will always encounter in minimalist home design is a simple and efficient layout. You can easily get the impression of a clear building, a spacious and easy to understand space.

This simple form is usually realized in an open concept, minimal interior on the walls, and sufficient storage areas for the necessary items. You will rarely find a point that looks vain in this house, because every corner always has a clear function.

2. Clear Building Structure

From the outside view, it will be  clear what structure is used and wants to be displayed. Exposure to the material used is a very common characteristic, to create a clean, simple, but still characterful impression.

The walls of the house look free, the texture displayed also shows what material is the constituent. In terms of shape, you will tend to use basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, even triangles. You'll also find windows that you can open easily, and often they're wide.

3. Clean Look, Open, and Natural Light

For large spaces such as kitchens and family rooms, the appearance will clearly be clean, bright, and free.  The color chosen tends to create a cool impression, not many additional ornaments that decorate the corner of the room and has a neutral impression. 

Things related to lighting itself will not involve many large lights. The roof and walls and windows are designed in such a way, so as to  maximize natural light to enter   the  room. You can save a lot of energy use if you use a room concept like this.

4. Simple Details, Minimalist Decoration

Far from the classic and magnificent impression with carvings and ornaments embedded in various furniture, minimalist home designs tend to focus on the use of simple details. The simpler the details on the furniture, the better.

Cabinets with flat panels without much flashy decoration, chairs and television shelves that have clean visuals, and hidden handle features that do not make the display denser, makes the minimalist impression feel strong. Simple, but still elegant and functional.

5. Utilizing Material Character

If the house mostly uses paint to cover the walls and furniture to have a certain theme, a house with a minimalist design is just the opposite. The material used will be exposed, so that the character and texture are clearly visible.

With the right combination, this can help you get a very neat home look, a balanced combination of various natural elements, but has a modern value that is not indisputable. As a result, the house you have will have a strong character and reflect your personality.

Interesting Options for a Simple Minimalist Home

There will be many options to choose from when talking about models and types of houses that can use this concept. But judging from some simple models that can be used, the points below will probably give you a better idea.

  • Type 21, with a building area of 21 square meters, the length and width of the building used can vary.  Having one   bedroom occupied by two people  and a  living room connected to the  kitchen,  this type is suitable for those of you who are just starting the  marriage stage and want to start What's New
  • Type 36, the  second type of house that can be an option is type 36. The design will be like type 21, but with two different bedrooms.
  • Type 45, the current model is the type that has a building area of 45-square meters.  Perfect for small families with one or two children, the front porch can be a garage for cars and there is still a small garden in the backyard.

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