Gasoline Officially Rises, Protect Your Car with MAGI to Keep Your Finances Safe!

As of September 3rd, 2022, Indonesia's government officially raises the prices of Pertalite, Solar, and Pertamax. The price of Pertalite has increased from Rp 7.650/liter to Rp 10.000/liter. Subsidized solar increases from Rp 5.150/liter to Rp 6.800/liter. Meanwhile, non-subsidized Pertamax increased from Rp 12.500/liter to IDR 14.500/liter. The increasing price of gasoline is predicted to have an impact on the prices of other commodities which will also be more expensive such as transportation cost, logistics costs and food prices will also rise sooner.

What should we do?

First, let us rearrange our financial planning to keep cash flow safe. Start to take notes the income and expenses needed every month so that it can be monitored and review financial planning by setting aside those that are still not needed.

Second, make sure not to reduce the monthly savings allocation. Moreover, prepare your emergency fund need, such as targeting to have an emergency fund as much as six times the amount of expenses every month.

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Third, starting to be literate in insurance needs. After starting to save an emergency fund, there is one stage that requires your attention, insurance. In addition to the health insurance that you must have, it's time for you to also start calculating the risks that can occur at any time to your vehicle. When you ill, when your trip is constrained or when your car is scuffed and even lost stolen there is insurance that can protect you at any time.

Motor Vehicle Insurance / Car Insurance from MAGI, Helps You to Manage Financial Plans

Car owners must reconsider the extra costs needed when carrying out car maintenance due to unpredictable incidents.

PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI) helps to protect your car comprehensively through Motor Vehicle Insurance / Car Insurance. MAGI will provide a coverage for your car protection, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses.  

No more worrying when the car breaks down, scuffs, is lost because it is stolen or even trapped in a flood. Moreover, MAGI provide an extensive of benefits to protection from earthquakes, riots, terrorism, to coverage against personal accident / deaths / medical expenses of passengers caused by accidents.

You can buy it easily through AXA Mandiri MyPage with promo code "barengMAGI" until September 30th, 2022, special 9.9 discount up to 19% for you. Don’t forget, submitting a claim is easy with a video call survey.

Immediately protect your car and finances with MAGI