Vacation Abroad Only 5 Million Rupiah? Here are the Tips!

Can we travel abroad with only 5 million rupiah? Yes, of course, but take a look at tips for an affordable vacation ala MAGI!

Tips to Have an Affordable Vacation Abroad

1. Choosing a Realistic Destination

Remember, you don't have visit a destination that would drain your bank account! Try to find a less crowded location that will still be memorable. So you can save for your accomodation. With a budget of 5 million rupiah, you can choose some countries as your vacation destination abroad. Here are the list of recommendations!

  • Thailand

Do you know? An one-way ticket from Jakarta to Bangkok costs is only 1.6 million rupiah! Don't forget to always check flight ticket promos in advance so you can get cheaper prices. You can also choose a hotel with a nightly charge of roughly 200 thousand rupiah.

  • Vietnam

Still in Asia, Vietnam can be an option for a vacation abroad with a budget of 5 million rupiah You can enjoy the beautiful nature view. You can take in the breathtaking natural scenery. A round-trip flight from Jakarta to Hanoi costs about 1,4 million rupiah.

  • Filipina

If you’re lucky, you can get a round-trip flight ticket from Jakarta to Manila for only 900 thousand rupiah. This is why you should always double-check the ticket promotion in online applications.

2. Buy Flight Ticket Using a Promo

To save money, often check flight ticket promo in online applications in advance before you go on vacation abroad. It’s common knowledge to get an affordable price when booking the ticket 2–3 months before your departure. Here are more tips:

  • Choose a date when it’s low season (January to April)
  • Try hunting for tickets at midnight (after 11 pm)
  • Find ticket price comparisons from different online ticket booking apps
  • Book your flight ticket for the first flight in the morning
  • Choose a transit flight
  • Find promos and discounts from online applications or credit cards

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3. Choose Affordable Acommodation

Try to find other places besides hotels to minimize your budget. For example, choose an apartment, a hostel, or any other affordable option. But, if you still want to stay at a hotel, you have to find the promo code on the online application. Some applications are giving the biggest discounts on special days. However, don't forget to check the testimonials so that you don't pick the wrong hotel and stay comfortable while resting later.

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4. Complete with Insurance

Even if you have to save, you must get travel insurance to ensure that your vacation is secure and comfortable. Travel insurance will protect from any incidents. In fact , there are some countries that require tourists to have travel insurance.

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