Special for Wonderful Indonesian’s Women

Do you know that World Women's Day, which is celebrated on March 8, began with the idea expressed at the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen and was supported by thousands of women from 17 countries who attended? Today, we celebrate World Women's Day by reflecting on modernization, voicing change, and celebrating the courage of women in their roles to change history and advance world equality, peace, and development.

Mandiri AXA General Insurance ("MAGI") invites you to celebrate World Women's Day by being a smart woman and understanding the importance of protection and choosing protection that is right, affordable, and has various benefits for you and your family. MAGI provide special discounts of up to 23% for direct purchases during the period of March 1–31, 2023. Click below to get the protection you need!

There's more! Especially for female customers who purchased protection using the criteria above and with minimum premium of 1 million rupiah, then you are entitled to get The Body Shop e-voucher of 100k.

Wonderful Indonesian’s women, wise to choose MAGI protection!