Important! Health Insurance Benefits That Must Be Known

The emergence of a new subvariant of the Omicron Covid-19 virus, namely XBB, provides uncertainty about health and financial conditions. It is time for people to start caring about the importance of health insurance in order to avoid various unwanted and unexpected problems.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) explained that this new subvariant has a much higher transmission capability than other subvariants. The price range for hospitalization of Covid-19 patients in hospitals can reach 45-65 million rupiah.

Therefore, having insurance is a mandatory thing to fulfill after thinking about an emergency fund. In fact, insurance needs are more important than investment. Let's see more complete health insurance benefits that you must know!

What is Health Insurance?

Based on Law No. 14 of 2014 on insurance, it is explained that insurance is an agreement between two parties, namely the insurance company and the policyholder, which is the basis for the receipt of premiums by the insurance company. Such as health insurance, a type of insurance that will cover medical, inpatient, outpatient, surgical, medical, and similar costs for the policyholder and be paid directly.

Smart Mom, Smart Choose Health Insurance For Family

Not a few feel confused about where to start and ask what insurance product should come first. You can start by setting up health insurance. Like "having an umbrella ready before it rains," having health insurance should actually start when you are still healthy.

Health Insurance Benefit

1. When Sick, Take Extra Care

A bad condition that need expensive treatment is not just a serious illness.There are many other health problems risks that are often overlooked and taken for granted.

In fact, if you have health insurance, you can get maximum care. Health insurance from MAGI provides access to care at thousands of partner hospitals and clinics throughout Indonesia with an electronic insurance card.

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2. Safe Cash Flow, Comfortable Life

Another advantage is that you can manage your finances safely and in an orderly manner. Health insurance requires you to pay regular premiums every month. That way, your financial expenses will be clearly recorded every month.

Fortunately, every purchase of health insurance from MAGI will get 0% installments with payment via credit card. Not only that, MAGI also provides affordable premiums according to your needs.

Saving & Easy Health Insurance For Employees

3. Bye-Bye Debt

Because your monthly expenses are more obvious, unexpected costs can be reduced. You no longer have to worry when you are sick. MAGI protects you and your family from inpatient room fees, surgery, medication, and other costs. A healthy financial plan will protect you and your family from debt.

The benefits of health insurance will indeed be realized when we have health problems that require large costs for medical treatment. The coverage that will be received by customers from insurance companies is much greater than the value of premiums paid every month.

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