Get to know the 9 Common Causes of Broken-Down Cars and These 4 Tips to Avoid It!

Who doesn't get annoyed when their favorite car breaks down for no apparent reason? Unfortunately, this incident happens quite a lot to people who, incidentally, rarely do vehicle maintenance. A series of causes for a broken-down car can be the trigger, so it's good for you to know what makes this happen to your favorite car.

By knowing some of the causes that trigger the car to break down, at least you can take various anticipatory steps so that this incident does not need to be experienced.

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Causes of Car Breakdowns That Often Occur

Breaking down itself is usually interpreted as the condition of a car that can no longer start the engine, so it cannot be moved and function normally. There are several reasons why a car can break down, and in general, these are some of the triggers.

1. Clogged Fuel Filter

Being one of the most common causes of a car breaking down, this clogged part of the gasoline filter can be the culprit. Car fuel is crucial so that the engine can work. When the fuel line is clogged, the fuel supply to the engine will decrease or stop.

The cause of clogging the fuel filter itself can be rooted in filling fuel, where the fuel tank is contaminated and solid material other than fuel enters the tank.

2. Engine Overheat

If one of the most common causes of a broken-down car is engine overheating, then this is not wrong. As the name suggests, engine overheating occurs when the air temperature is too high in the car engine and causes a fatal domino effect for the car engine to experience sudden death.

Overheating itself occurs when the engine temperature is too high due to hot weather or radiator water that is not routinely replaced. The radiator water serves to help the engine's cooling process so that the temperature is not too high.

3. Damaged Battery

The cause of both cars breaking down could have been triggered by a car battery that was no longer in good condition. The battery will have a direct effect when you start the engine. This initial ignition must be able to occur properly so that the car's engine can start.

When the battery is damaged, or "soaked, the battery cannot carry out the initial ignition process, so the car cannot be started.

4. An alternator malfunction occurs

No need to worry because the language used is getting more technical. The alternator itself is often referred to as an ampere dynamo, which functions to supply electrical energy from the battery to various parts of the car.

When this section malfunctions, the main role that is carried out cannot be performed. As a result, the car engine can shut down suddenly and at any time without warning since the distributed electrical energy is lost.

5. Carburetor Function is Not Optimal

If the car you have is a classic car or a car with old technology, then a car carburetor that does not function optimally can also be a 'suspect' for the incident of breaking down this car. This happens when the fuel distribution is too poor, so the combustion process will not be complete and the car will be difficult to start.

6. Saggy Machine Bolt

Simple, but can trigger big problems until the car breaks down. Engine bolts should ideally be properly installed so that everything is in place and locks every part of the engine. This is intended so that the engine does not leak, especially in the compression section.

Leaks in the compression section can make the car shut down suddenly, and it is troublesome to deal with.

7. Broken Catalytic Converter

In the car you have, there is an exhaust emission regulator. This tool is called a catalytic converter and has an important role in suppressing the levels of toxins produced by the pollutant gas produced.

This tool is directly related to the pollutant-gas exhaust system. So when there is damage in this part, the car can also break down and not be started.

8. Oli Gearbox

This case occurs in automatic-type cars. The gearbox itself helps the driver when maneuvering and shifting gears automatically, so it needs to be ensured that it is always in the best condition. One component that must always be checked is the oil in the gearbox. Don't let the oil run out and cause trouble for your car.

9. Mogok di Rel Kereta

The incident of cars breaking down on train tracks is also often experienced, and of course, it is enough to make a sense of panic appear. Exposure to electromagnetic emissions from train tracks creates a large magnetic field that can strengthen as cars pass through it.

This happens when the car crosses the train tracks when the train is about to pass.

Tips for avoiding frequent automobile breakdowns

To be able to avoid the occurrence of this broken-down car, there are many things you can do. These methods are certainly preventive, so they can be applied after you read this short article to reduce the risk of a sudden strike.

1. Routine Service

Being one of the most basic activities, you must regularly visit the workshop for service. You can use official service services or trusted services that you have to keep the car in good condition.

For cars, routine servicing ideally refers to the mileage or duration of use of the car. You can consult your trusted workshop about this matter.

2. Don't Forget to Preheat the Engine

This method is also simple, but it can help you avoid the incident of the car breaking down. Preheat the engine before use to make sure it is in good condition and ready for use. This simple process can keep the engine in top condition and help you find early indications if something is wrong with it.

3. Check Fuel

Make sure the fuel tank is always filled with the recommended type of fuel. In the case of electric cars, make sure the power in the battery is always available.

4. Have a Favourite Workshop

Without discrediting the services offered by each existing workshop, you should have a favorite workshop that you can always rely on whenever you need it. Save the contact number of this workshop and make sure you always get the best service from it.

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