Here's How to Claim Car Insurance Easily

Having motor vehicle protection, such as car insurance, will be very useful to protect your finances. Moreover, when there is an accident or loss due to theft, motor vehicle insurance will make you feel comfortable and calm when driving on the road. Risks that may occur to the vehicle at any time will be borne by the insurance company.

Vehicle insurance, or car insurance, is divided into two types, namely Comprehensive insurance and Total Loss Only ("TLO") insurance. In general, TLO is an insurance program that only protects cars from two types of risks: the risk of losing the vehicle due to theft and damage whose repair costs are above 75% of the sum insured. Comprehensive car insurance is insurance that protects against all kinds of risks or damage, such as collisions, overturning, slipping, or falling down, the risk of losing vehicles due to theft, damage whose repair costs are above 75% of the sum insured, and other risks that occur in motor vehicles as long as they are not excluded in the insurance policy.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who think that the process and way of claiming car insurance are too complicated. Car insurance claims are a right for every policyholder who is also the insured party. How to claim car insurance itself is not difficult, as long as you meet the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Take it easy; MAGI will share how car insurance claims are immediately accepted. Let's take a look!

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Documents Required When Claiming Car Insurance

The completeness of documents when submitting a car insurance claim is very important. If you have not completed it, then the insurance company will not be able to process the report you make.

In general, the main documents that must be prepared are as follows:
●    Completed and signed claim form
●    Copy of Insured's ID card
●    Copy of driver's license
●    Copy of STNK / motor vehicle registration license 

PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance ("MAGI") also recommends you complete additional documents according to the type of claim submitted, such as for personal accident claims, a receipt document from the hospital for claims of driver or passenger bodily injury, or for types of theft car insurance claims, police report documents. For more information on how to claim car insurance, click here.

Requirements for Car Insurance Claims

In order for car insurance claims to be approved easily and quickly, make sure you meet the following requirements:
●    Events or risks that occur to the insured are listed in the approved insurance policy
●    Active status insurance policy
●    Meet the requirements of car insurance claims, including the main documents and additional documents according to the type of claim to be submitted

How Long Does a Car Insurance Claim Take?

In general, car insurance claims usually take up to 5 working days. However, this time does not apply to every claim process. There are other things that affect the length of the claim, such as the level of damage to the car and the completeness of the documents attached when submitting a claim. If the documents are incomplete, the insurance company will ask you to provide follow-up documents so that the insurance claim process can be delayed until all documents have been collected completely.

In addition, if there is severe damage to your car, the partner workshop may take longer for the repair process, which may affect the insurance claim time until it is liquidated.

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Causes of Car Insurance Claims Rejected or Postponed

There are still many insurance participants who do not pay close attention to their insurance policies, so eventually vehicle insurance claims are rejected or postponed. There are many causes of insurance claims not being approved, including:
●    Incomplete documents when submitting a claim
●    Inactive or lapsed insurance policy
●    Car insurance claims are made after passing the deadline set by the insurance company
●    Not reporting any additional accessories or car modifications to the insurance company
●    Car drivers commit unlawful acts such as not having a driver's license, violating traffic, driving while intoxicated, etc
●    Intentional car damage
●    Car damage that occurs before the coverage date begins
●    Late premium payment 

How to Claim Car Insurance to Be Easily Accepted

From the explanation above, it is very clear that one way to claim vehicle insurance that is well received is to provide complete documents according to the provisions of the insurance. Here's how to claim car insurance that you need to pay attention to:

1. Fill in the Car Insurance Claim Submission Form

Complete all claim submission forms in accordance with the insurance claim to be filed. Then fill out the form completely with information related to the policyholder, such as an ID card or passport number, a policy number, and so on.

2. Complete Main and Additional Documents

Make sure you have completed all the required documents, such as the main document mentioned earlier. In addition to the main documents, you must prepare various additional documents in accordance with the requirements for filing a claim.

3. Submit Claim Submission Forms and Documents to Insurance Company

If you have completed the claim submission form and supporting documents, you just need to submit a claim to the insurance company through the contact number, email, or company website and do not exceed the stipulated claim submission time. 

How to Claim Car Insurance Easily With MAGI

Now submitting a car insurance claim is easier with SmartDrive Insurance products from MAGI. SmartDrive Insurance gives you the convenience of claiming through video call surveys. Simply submit a claim via WhatsApp via number 0811-1500-733, and then you will receive an SMS in the form of a schedule and link for the video call survey. If you want to ask more questions about the required claim documents or the car claim process, Easy: contact the MAGI Customer Care Center


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